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Call for bids to host ECAI-2027

EurAI invites proposals to host the 30th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI-27)

EurAI organizes the conference in partnership with one of its member associations. The EurAI board will evaluate the proposals to provide feedback, so submitting them as soon as possible is recommended. The final selection of the venue for ECAI-27 will be made at EurAI's General Assembly in October 2023. Interested parties are expected to present their bid at the General Assembly.

A member society of EurAI shall submit bids for organizing an upcoming ECAI. A notification of the intention to bid should be sent to EurAI’s Executive Secretary any time before the deadline. Any inquiries may be addressed to Marija Trifuncevic executive-secretary@eurai.org

Any member society of EurAI can submit a proposal to host ECAI-27.

The deadline for submission of bids is September 1st, 2023, and the presentation of bids and selection will take place at EurAI's General Assembly in Krakow.

To submit a bid, interested parties must follow the guidelines and use the EasyChair system at https://easychair.org/my/conference?conf=ecai2027

To submit a bid, interested parties must follow the guidelines :


  1. Description of facilities (nature, number, and sizes of rooms for academic sessions and exhibition, potential conference, workshop, and tutorial venues), geographical location, travel, accommodation costs (hotels, student housing, etc.), etc.;
  2. Proposal for dates of the conference;
  3. Detailed budget with costs for fees given various levels of participation. The budget must be in Euro (and in local currency as well if desired);
  4. Monetary support that the local committee expects to raise through various sponsorships (public and private, regional and international);
  5. A specification of who will be the Organizing Committee Chair (OCC);
  6. A statement by the candidate OCC that they understand and will abide by the EurAI guidelines for the OCC;
  7. The first version of a memorandum of agreement (for ECAI) between the candidate organizing association, EurAI, and OCC. (This draft should be signed by those of the candidate OCC and the appropriate responsible officers for the candidate host organizing association (member of EurAI). The latest memorandum of agreement signed is available here in the link: here in PDF

Bidders must upload a single PDF file containing the bid, and the "title" should include the city name and country of the bid.

Deviations must be negotiated with the EurAI Board before the bid can be accepted.

This call is open to European AI societies that are members of EurAI only.

*** Bids from Convention Centers, Tourism Bureaus, and/or PCOs will NOT be considered***

Previous ECAI conferences were held at Brighton (1974), Edinburgh (1976), Hamburg (1978), Amsterdam (1980), Orsay (1982), Pisa (1984), Brighton (1986), Munich (1988), Stockholm (1990), Vienna (1992), Amsterdam (1994), Budapest (1996), Brighton (1998), Berlin (2000), Lyon (2002), Valencia (2004), Riva del Garda (2006), Patras (2008), Lisbon (2010), Montpellier (2012), Prague (2014), The Hague (2016), Stockholm (jointly with IJCAI, 2018), online (2020) ECAI, and Vienna (jointly with IJCAI, 2022).

ECAI 2023 will be held in Krakow; ECAI 2024 will be held in Santiago de Compostela; ECAI 2025 will be held in Bologna; and ECAI 2026 will be held in Bremen jointly with IJCAI..

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