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Request for nominations for ECAI General Chairs and Programme Chairs for 2024.

Nomination Deadline 29th of June 2022, end of the day (CEST)

The board of EurAI invites member societies and EurAI Fellows to put forward nominations for General Chairs or Programme Chairs. Candidates can be nominated by the EurAI board, a EurAI member society or a EurAI Fellow.

Nominees must agree to be candidates before their nomination is submitted to EurAI. The submission is to be accompanied by a brief statement of why the person is deemed capable of the job which should include a short list of relevant experience for the job, for example, the experience of being a PC or GC of other conferences.

The board of EurAI will compose a proposal of the team based on the nominations, and the list of prior GCs and PCs of ECAI to account for diversity with respect to research fields, gender and member organisations over the years.

At the 2022 General Assembly (26th of July), the board will seek confirmation on the Board’s proposal. Each candidate in the Board’s proposal will be invited to write a brief statement and provide a brief bio-sketch, which will be made available to the member societies ahead of the General Assembly.

We particularly encourage the nomination of candidates that will increase the gender, research area or geographic diversity of the ECAI GC’s and PC’s over the years.

Deadline for nominations: 29 June 2022, end of the day (CEST)

Submissions should be made via the web-form.

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