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How to apply to Sponsored Conferences

Conference Sponsorship

EurAI sponsors invited talks at international conferences. All information, including guidelines for eligibility and duties of sponsored conferences, regarding requesting sponsorship can be found on this page. Calls are sent out to all EurAI member organisations twice a year (March and October), with a submission deadline twice per year (April and November).

  • Conference organizers who want to apply for funding for a conference that takes place before the end of December 2024 should apply before April 15, 2024. Fill this form to apply.
  • Conference organizers who want to apply for funding for a conference that takes place before the end of June 2025 should apply before November 30, 2024.

  1. Which conferences are eligible for sponsorship?

Any international conference is eligible, provided that it is either a general AI conference or a specialized conference whose main topic is clearly recognized as an AI topic. Those include, for instance (but the list is not exhaustive): planning, constraint satisfaction, knowledge representation and reasoning, multi-agent systems, uncertainty in AI, machine learning, natural language processing, robotics and vision, diagnosis, and others.

National or otherwise local conferences within Europe (e.g., German AI conference, Italian AI Conference, Benelux AI Conference, Scandinavian AI conference etc.) are not eligible.

National or regional conferences outside Europe (i.e., PRICAI, Australian AI Conference, Latin-American Conference etc.) are not eligible.

Note that AAAI is eligible (it is no longer a North American AI Conference).

  1. What is sponsorship for, and how much?

Sponsorship is usually given for an invited talk. The invitee should belong to a European AI society member of EurAI. Depending on the costs, EurAI can pay for the travel and local costs of the speaker, or for only a part of them. The maximum amount is 1,000€, but there can be exceptions if the request is well-argumented.

  1. What are the duties and rights of the sponsored conference?

The conference must properly acknowledge that the invited talk is a EurAI talk. This must be acknowledged in the program on the website on the printed program and must be announced orally before the talk is given. EurAI sponsorship entitles you to use EurAI's name and logo when advertising the event. EurAI's name and logo have to be linked to http://www.eurai.org on the official conference website.

  1. Can a conference apply several times?

Yes, provided that it fulfilled the duties in the past. However, if several conferences apply and EurAI cannot sponsor them all, priority will be given to those that have never been sponsored or not been sponsored recently by EurAI.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact Manolis Koubarakis, member of the EurAI Board.
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