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How to apply for Travel Grants

Travel grant

The EurAI Travel Award scheme provides funding for students and early career researchers wishing to attend the ECAI conference or ESSAI/ACAI summer school. These awards are intended to partially cover travel expenses and registration fees. The value of the award ranges from 250 EUR to 750 EUR, depending on the location of the conference / summer school and the distance to be travelled.


The next eligible event for the Travel Award is ESSAI/ACAI 2023 summer school , the call is open and applicants should send their applications to Magdalena Ortiz - Students who already applied for TAILOR travel grants are not eligible for EurAI travel grants.

The purpose of the Travel Award is to support students and early career researchers who have limited or no access to other funding for supporting their travel. Applicants must be members of a EurAI member society. Recipients of the ECAI Travel Award must include an acknowledgement to EurAI in all presentations or posters presented at the conference or any of its satellite events (if applicable). The award can only be used to support your attendance at ECAI or ESSAI/ACAI. By accepting the award, you are confirming that you have participated in the conference/summer school and that your total expenses (including travel, accommodation and registration fee) exceed the value of the award.

ESSAI/ACAI 2023 summer school : Applications for travel grants ESSAI & ACAI summer school have been completed. Thank you all for your interest, and see you in Ljubljana :)

Application process

Applications for the Travel Award should be submitted as a single zip file containing the following documents in PDF format:

  • A brief statement from the student to describe how the summer school will benefit their career.
  • A signed and dated letter from the Department Head explaining what other funding is available to the applicant for travel to conferences and summer schools.
  • Evidence of membership to any of the EurAI member societies. Also, clear evidence of the application to become a member of any society will be considered. In case membership is not feasible, a justification of this impossibility must be submitted together with the application. For instance, if there is no association of AI federated into EurAI in a particular country. The values of diversity and inclusivity are key for our organisation

Applicants should send their applications to Magdalena Ortiz.

Application deadline: Tuesday, May 23rd; Notification Monday, May 29th. If you apply for the grant, you can still register with the early fee until May 31st. However, we encourage you to register by May 15th if possible, which will not influence your chances of receiving the grant (that is, if selected, you can use the grant as a registration reimbursement or for other travel expenses).**

  • In the case of a successful application, proof of participation in the event will need to be provided. Please note that as a result, the Travel Award will only be transferred after the conference or summer school has taken place.


  • A briefcase for support (up to 500 words), outlining how the applicant has contributed to the field of AI and how the applicant will benefit from attending the event
  • In the case of the ECAI travel award, you should provide details of any papers presented at the conference and/or its satellite events.
  • Applicants for travel grants to ECAI 2023. Should send their applications to Manolis Koubarakis.
  • The deadline for applications for the ECAI 2023 student grants is July 21st, 2023. Notifications will be sent out by July 28th, 2023.

Selection criteria

In the likely case that the total amount requested exceeds the available budget, applications will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • For the ECAI Travel Award, whether the applicant is the main author of a paper will be presented at the conference, or (with lower priority) any of the satellite events.
  • For the ESSAI/ACAI Travel Award, the extent to which attendance to the summer school will impact the students research career.
  • The career stage of the applicant, where students will be given priority over postdoctoral researchers and faculty.
  • The extent to which other funding is available to the applicant.
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