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How to apply for ECAI Travel Grants

Information about Travel Grants for ECAI-2024

The purpose of the Travel Grant is to support applicants who have limited or no access to other funding for supporting their travel. The grant can only be used to support your attendance at ECAI. By accepting the grant, you are confirming that you have participated in the conference ECAI 2024 and that your total expenses (including travel, accommodation and registration fee) equal or exceed the value of the grant.
To be eligible for a EurAI travel grant, you need an affiliation with a European institution or university and need to be a member of a European national AI society member of EurAI (exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis).

Recipients of the ECAI Travel Grant must include an acknowledgement to EurAI in all presentations or posters presented at the conference or any of its satellite events (if applicable). They will also act as volunteers providing technical support on-site for up to 4 hours during the conference (e.g. taking care of the microphone during the Q&A session, helping with presentation setup, connections, troubleshooting, and generally being nearby and available to answer attendee questions).

Application process

Applications for the Travel Grant should be submitted as a single zip file containing the following documents in PDF format:

  • A brief statement from the applicant (up to 500 words) outlining how they have contributed to the field of AI and how they will benefit from attending the event.
  • Details of any papers that will be presented at the conference and/or its satellite events (including copies of the papers).
  • A detailed CV including a list of publications.
  • If the applicant is a student, a signed letter from the applicant's supervisor certifying their status (e.g., PhD student) and why the support of EurAI is needed (e.g., there are no such grants available to the student). If the applicant is not a student, a signed letter explaining why the support of EurAI is needed.
  • Proof of membership in a EurAI member society.

Applicants for travel grants to ECAI 2024 should send their applications to Prof. Manolis Koubarakis.

The deadline for applications for the ECAI 2024 travel grants is July 15, 2024. Notifications will be sent out by July 29, 2024.

Selection criteria

In the likely case that the total amount requested exceeds the available budget, applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Whether the applicant is the (first) author of a paper to be presented at the conference or (with lower priority) to any of the satellite events.
  • The career stage of the applicant, where students will be given priority over postdoctoral researchers and faculty.
  • The extent to which other funding is available to the applicant.

Payment of the award

In the case of a successful application, proof of participation in the event will need to be provided. As a result, the Travel Grant will only be paid after ECAI has taken place.

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