Fellow Program

The EurAI Fellows programme recognises European AI researchers who have made exceptional contributions to the field. A call for nominations is issued to Fellows and EurAI member societies annually.

The EurAI Fellows program has been started in 1999 to recognize individuals who have made significant, sustained contributions to the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in Europe. Fellows' accomplishments range from pioneering advances in the theory of AI, to unusual accomplishments in AI technology and applications. Usually only individuals who have made contributions to AI for a decade or more after receiving their Ph.D. (or are at an equivalent career stage) will be selected. Leadership in EurAI or EurAI member societies, support of forums for the exchange of ideas, and extended service for the international AI community also play a role in the selection process. Evidence of technical contribution will often be in the form of publications, but other evidence will also be considered, such as patent awards or statements of longstanding contribution to an industrial group effort. The EurAI Fellows Program honors only a very small percentage of the total membership of all EurAI member societies (up to a maximum of 3%).

Each Fellow will receive a Certificate signed by the EurAI Chair. The names of the recently elected Fellows are published each year on the EurAI Webpages and in the EurAI Bulletin. At each ECAI a Fellows lunch will be sponsored by EurAI to honor the recently elected Fellows.

At the beginning of each year, the EurAI member societies nominate individuals whom they consider to have achieved unusual distinction in the field. In addition, two EurAI Fellows from different countries may nominate a person for fellowship. The nominations must be accompanied with a CV of the candidate and three separate letters of reference. All documents included in the nomination must be written in English. Nominees must have a valid membership in one of EurAI's member societies. All these nominations are then considered by the EurAI Fellows Selection Committee, comprising 4 EurAI Fellows and the EurAI Chair. One third of the members of the EurAI Fellows Selection Committee are replaced after two years of service. The committee generally selects 5-10 new Fellows each year. The policies governing the operation of the Fellows Committee are under the review of the EurAI Board.