Travel Awards 2016


An ECCAI Travel Award Scheme has been established to support students, young researchers and faculty who are members of an ECCAI affiliated society participating in ECAI or ACAI. The awards, valued at 500 Euros each, are for reimbursement of travel and partial payment of registration fees.

In 2016 the ECCAI Travel Award Scheme supports participation in ECAI 2016. No funding for any other event will be given.

Eligibility Rules

The purpose of these awards is to help early stage researchers (research students, young teaching faculty or young research staff) in need of financial help to attend.

Recipients must be members of an ECCAI member society. They must demonstrate research activity in an area of artificial intelligence.

If you accept the ECCAI Travel award you must include an acknowledgement to the ECCAI sponsors in your presentation at ECAI 2016 or one of its satellite events.

ECCAI Central & Eastern European Support Grants 2016

In order to encourage authors from Central and Eastern Europe, we are organising a special support program. There will be a number of travel grants available for full papers accepted for the ECAI 2016 technical program with all authors from Central and Eastern Europe. The terms and application procedure are the same.

Application Procedure

Applicants should follow the electronic submission procedure described below.

  1. Create a zip file containing the following information, and structured as follows:
    • A brief CV, including current professional status (PhD student, postdoc, teaching staff, research staff, etc.) and a list of publications.
    • Letter or other evidence of professional status and confirmation that the applicant will be allowed to leave to attend the event from a Department Head, Professor or Supervisor. This also needs to state that the additional funds needed to attend will be available. Mention the bankaccount number (IBANcode) and name of account holder on which the travel grant should be paid if awarded.
    • Evidence of membership of an ECCAI affiliated society.
    • A case for support, 1 page, which includes reasons why ECCAI should make the award to the applicant and a description of the part the applicant will play in the event. This will normally be presentation of a paper at ECAI, one of its workshops, STAIRS or PAIS.
  2. Send the archive file to the mail address given below no later than June 30, 2016.

Notification of the decision: July 15, 2016.

Send applications by email to both:

ECCAI Travel Grant Officers:

Tibor Bosse,  Behavioural Informatics Group, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam,
Ann Nowe, AI lab, Vrije Universiteit Brussel,

Please note that participation in the  travel grant program carries with it an obligation to be a (student) volunteer during the conference.