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Distinguished Service Award

Distinguished Service Award 2022

Prof. Dr. Luc Steels is awarded the EurAI Distinguished Service Award 2022 for his pioneering and groundbreaking work in the field of Artificial Intelligence, as well as for his foundational contributions to the AI organization in the European Union.

Prof. Dr. Luc Steels is a Belgian researcher and artist. His work is marked by a trans-disciplinary approach with a focus on forging conceptual breakthroughs in AI, building the technical tools to work out and develop these breakthroughs, and developing concrete experiments to turn the breakthroughs into viable new AI paradigms.

Since the nineteen-eighties, Luc Steels has played a big role in the organization of the European AI landscape. In 1981, he was the founding chairman of the Belgian AI Association, which later merged with the Dutch AI Association to form BNAIC.

He was involved in setting up ECCAI, is a EurAI Fellow (1999) and was the founding editor (with Prof. Bob Wielinga) of AI Communications, the largest European AI journal. He founded the Sony Computer Science Laboratory in Paris in 1996 and became its first director.

Currently he is ICREA research professor at the Institute for Evolutionary Biology (CSIC, UPF).

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