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Dissertation Diploma
Mattias Tiger (Web)
Linköping University

Awarded with the 2022 dissertation diploma.

We award the 2022 EurAI Artificial Intelligence Highly Commended Dissertation to Mattias Tiger for ensuring that real world deployment of robots and autonomous systems can take place safely.

Mattias Tiger completed his PhD under the supervision of Fredrik Heintz in December 2022 from Linköping University's Artificial Intelligence and Integrated Computer Systems division (AIICS) in Sweden, where he is currently working as a Postdoctoral researcher. He is an alumnus of the National Graduate School in Computer Science (CUGS) and the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP). He is an active contributor to the WASP research arena for Public Safety (WARA-PS) since its inception.

Mattias research focus is on how to build safe and effective cyber-physical AI systems that we can trust. His approach involves the creation of safety-aware AI systems endowed with introspective reasoning capabilities, enabling them to anticipate safety concerns and respond appropriately. This endeavor is underpinned by his cross-disciplinary exploration of Hybrid AI: Seamlessly fuse diverse techniques from the AI domain to yield pragmatic solutions for real-world challenges, with applications such as (Safe) Autonomous Systems, Decision Support Systems and Intelligent Transport Systems. Commonly this entail combining the strengths from Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Machine Learning, Automatic Planning, Probabilistic Robotics and Optimal Control with solutions satisfying the requirements of trustworthy AI. He has demonstrated his research in extensive simulations, including high-fidelity 3D simulators, and running onboard real robotic platforms interacting with humans for safe but task effective operations. He is interested in how to realize safe, efficient and effective autonomy for transparent decision making, in an ever-changing environment.

Since finishing his PhD, Mattias has led the WASP WARA-PS summer school on Autonomous Systems for Public Safety and coordinated a range of AI projects in both the private and public sector with the goal of helping society benefit from effective and trustworthy AI. Further details and his academic achievements so far can be found at https://www.ida.liu.se/~matti23/mattisite/research/index.en.shtml, https://liu.se/en/employee/matti23.

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