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Benelux Association for Artificial Intelligence (BNVKI)

BNVKI stands for “BeNeLux Vereniging voor Kunstmatige Intelligentie”, which translates to the “Benelux Association for Artificial Intelligence”. The aim of the BNVKI is to stimulate research on, the application and education of Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as the dissemination of knowledge about AI.
BNVKI was founded in 1981, as the NVKI, by 19 enthusiastic AI researchers. In 1998, the Dutch and Belgian AI Associations merged, and the association was renamed to BNVKI-AIABN. In 2008, the association welcomed Luxembourg as the third of the Benelux nations, and renamed itself “BNVKI-AIABN: Benelux Association for Artificial Intelligence”.

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